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The Acacia Strain - Bridgepainter

Albüm Adı:Coma Witch
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Every time I get behind the wheel
I tell myself I hope I die in here
Spend your time reliving my past
Time doesn't last
Life moves fast
Thankful just to be alive
Spent a year wishing I hadn't survived
The lights in the sky went out
The fire took the whole house
Nothing but silence;
Darkness from here on out
I would rather fall apart than break
Say farewell before you depart
No soul
No heart I am growing extra teeth
I only see her when I sleep
I hope you're there when I fall
These eyes see all
No resurrection
Covered in red
The knife was in my hand
The body is willing,
The spirit is damned.
This is a nightmare come true
They say you cant tale it with you
I'm making you with me
You will fucking burn with me
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