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The Almighty - Crank And Deceit

Albüm Adı:Crank
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It makes no fucking difference
If it's all the fucking same
I swear to God that I
Don't believe a fucking thing

I don't want to sleep
3 A.M. knows my secret
I could have been anyone
But I'm just somebody I used to be

Want this need this
Hate this love this
Want this need this
Hate this love this
Fuck this

[Chorus:] I've been up for weeks
I have been losing sleep
On crank and deceit

I want you to feel this too
What makes you think I give a fuck
Well maybe I'm just paranoid
Am I paranoid enough

[Pre-chorus + chorus]

You know me better than I know myself

I've been up for weeks
I've been losing sleep
Dirt starts smelling sweet
Feeling obsolete
On crank and deceit
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