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The Almighty - Crucify

Albüm Adı:Soul Destruction
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Some twisted mutha wants to get me down
Watch me bleed, watch me hit the ground
I took a trip out from inside
Won't sell my soul just to let my spirit ride
Don't you talk to me like you've seen God
Cos you know alot about nothinWho gives a damn about the things you do
Come back and see me when your something

I'm in a private hell
I won't get fooled again
They wanna see me die
They wanna crucify
You spend your nights getting dirty
Spend your nights feeling low
Don't piss on me and say it's raining
I think it's time you let go


You gotta please me pretty baby
You gotta please me pretty child
Cos when it comes to lovin' you
You make it such an easy ride

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