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The Almighty - Dead Happy

Albüm Adı:Just Add Life
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I don't feel like struggling to-day
I've got to find a better way
I guess I should have known
That we'd be better off alone

So let my past speak for myself
Don't make me repeat myself
I've got the scars to prove
My latest tendencies

All I want is everything
Coz nothing changes everything
All I want is everything you've ever taken
I've got to open my eyes
I live with them closed to much sometimes
Clean my wounds what a mess
The things I used to have I don't miss

Looking for the friends you'll never find
Everything used to be better than this
What's the point in making stands
When making sense makes no sense

You can't tell me how to feel anyomre
You can't tell me what to feel anyomre
It doesn't matter anyhow
Coz we're dead happy now
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