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The Almighty - Independent Deterrent

Albüm Adı:Just Add Life
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I've got a desperation mind
It stabs me from inside
Sitting on my own
Feeling guilty and alone
Like a champion of nothing
My minds wide open
I can't think straight
My concentration's broken

I don't believe my TV
But I watch it everyday
Where violence is golden
In a state of self decay
Dead junkie lovers
Wings ran out of veins
Tomorrow won't be different
Tomorrow's just the same

Burn it down
Burn it down
Burn it down
If it makes you feel bitter Burn it down
Burn it down
Burn it down
If it makes you feel better

We just keep on repeating
What we already know
Time for fast indecisions
And a democracy to go
Directed considerations
Hard to say what you've not felt
Fight for your country
Against your government


There's no excuses for what we are
We could have something pretty good right now
They don't love you for what you are
They only love what they're going to get out of you

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