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The Almighty - Joy Bang One Time

Albüm Adı:Soul Destruction
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[Warwick & London & Tantrum]

Like a serpent but got no where to slide
Out makin' cars pretending how to live
Her virgin fires been kissed so many times
But hay man it's his to be wasted all the time

All the animals come out at night
Snakes and lizards been sleeping in your bed
Hanging out in the dollar hotels
You've spent your whole life sitting on the jon

Hollywood will never learn
Play with fire and you'll get burned
Joy bang one time
Gettin' high and feeling fine
Joy bang one time
Show me how you lose your mind
All alone, dead in the city
You're doing horse child don't look too pretty
Don't need no money cause it's heaven sent
But you don't tell nobody it ain't cool to pay the rent
One day you'll wake up wasted and done
Look in the mirror and you won't see no one
Just a crazy child who wanted to be free
You did it once but now you won't let it be


The lights go down
And there's a haze of love
You tell your lies to dark
Cause it never gets enough

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