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The Almighty - Ongoing And Total

Albüm Adı:Just Add Life
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Always under control
Trying to remember how to feel
Just to insist that you really exist
But it's the nearness that kills

Wishing the world away
On those crash diet suburban incentives
Innocence is no excuse
For all those self inflicted differences

[Pre chorus]
Everybody, everybody
Everybody make yourself a target

Stay out of it
Stay out of it
Stay out of it
Stay…. out of it, out of it, out of it
So just like everyone
You found that brick wall building up inside
That we keep knocking down
From degeneration to degeneration

Stuck inside your thoughts
Scared of dependence clinging to security
Just go on from day to day
It takes a lot more than you got to give

[Pre chorus + chorus]

Your so happy and I'm not surprised
Coz everyone's living in disguise
We watch the time go by and dream
We never feel guilty for anything

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