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The Avalanche Diaries - Rebirth

Albüm Adı:Hic Sunt Leones
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You would take a second to realize I'm here for you.
I can't hide my mind it's haunted by the truth.
You are bright as the sun
I was looking for light
Didn't know what you would gave me
I've got this warm liquid running all trough my veins
Never going to give in
I will give you all the things that you will need
I will give you all those things if you want
Just say that you stay here
I'll be always yours, again
Just say that you stay
And I will love you until my dying days
But now I want to feel alive
I'm not the one who's telling lies
This time I am on the way to grow
I can see our future
it's right in front of us
Just take my hand 'cause I'm ready
To take you away
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