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The Banner - Lilith

Albüm Adı:Greying
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A thousand days in numbing cold
And you are warm.
But I let go.
She is a starless sky over my endless night,
And you are bright.
But I let go.
There is no weight to my tired soul, I drift away.
And you are the rope
You are heaven sent but I cannot ascend.
I am blind, shroud of black.
You are oxygen& she is a heart attack.
The warmth it shocks knowing only cold.
And you cant know peace never knowing home.
That part is dead, the prize you seek.
The tower tall and the boy was weak.
I lift my gaze to your crying eyes
But my fate is sealed, I am denied.
To cut that piece from my brain Where her taste and smell lies in wait.
The shadowed hates of my mind
The castle is a tomb and the throne is mine.

I've long forgotten life outside.
A rising sun only burns my eyes.
Skins gone pale, I'm the king of night.
Drag my chains, I don't live or die.
I am bound to this place now cold and grey.
A thousand days in numbing cold and she was warm.
But I let go.
You are a starless sky over my endless night.
And she was bright.
There is no weight& tired soul
You are a noose, she was a rope.

She was heaven sent but I descend.
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