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The Banner - She Upon The Black Wolf

Albüm Adı:Greying
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Andras, hold me
sing to me the weakness of them all
give to me the answers to bring about their fall

Andra-inanya, I beg of you your cost
cast all who stand as traitors into chaos and beyond
all cracks within their armor, bless me with them all
all 30 mighty legions rising to your call
whisper to me angel the answers that I seek
to crush all my betrayers, see them laid beneath my feet
all that I will offer, all I'll ever be I kneel before you, Andras, bestow these gifts on me

she upon the black wolf, give your sword to me
answer me the riddles of my enemy
I am your zealot, I am begging this of thee
shower upon them chaos and anarchy

Andras, hold me
Andras, pull me to your side
light the way I cannot find
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