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The Banner - Viii

Albüm Adı:Greying
Yeni Şarkı Eklemek İçin Tıklayın Şarkı Ekle      Hata DüzeltHata Düzelt
you stand the cause of it all
you are the locusts that fall
you leave nothing behind
hollow and barely alive
your lips drank me dry
now I struggle to rise
I saw you come as the dawn
bringing light, bringing warmth
an inferno disguised
you summon sorrow and sin
and I let you in
now I rot with my prize
you are a legion in black
I gave all all I had
you were not satisfied
left it burnt to the ground
left me deaf from the sound
of your treacherous cries

now I stalk the ashes of this poisoned earth
inhaling only smoke of your poisoned words
nothing to be salvaged, stolen dignity
no flesh, no blood, no sanity
alone I'm forced to suffer in my agony
the demise I have called forth is the end of me
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