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The Banner - Wolves Blood

Albüm Adı:Greying
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Lupus Cruor hardens the veins a thousand knives have failed to slay.
To the best the boys betrayed as the howling stalk the falling day.
To seven serpents I am chained, dragged behind my souls decay.
All empathy it slips away as the Wolvesblood calls and has its way.
I warn you the battle is over, the heart that you seek is no more.
No love, no hope of curing what I have embraced with open arms.
Now I seek no shelter nor the warmth of home.
I have shed all human failings
And made a kingdom in the cold.
Countless days in numbing cold until painless hours steeled my soul.
Awash in flesh and greed I bowed,
And stood anew with iron bones.
Your arms that take, invertebrate.
The venom killed all hope for me.

You only hurt the ones you love so I'll take my heart and rip it out.
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