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The Cardigans - Losers

Albüm Adı:First Band on the Moon
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Look at all these losers
You find them everywhere
They`re fucked up and annoying
But somehow you seem to care
It`s easier to laugh
But something makes you stick around
You can`t watch from above
And keep your ten toes in the sand

You wish that you were special
I`m just like you

Close your eyes
That`ll be the day you`ll find those lies
Fold your ears That`ll be the day that you will hear
That`ll be the day you
Get back home

It`s lonely to be strange
And you would never tell
That yyou`re one of these itches
You know it much too well
Losers are your weakness
They will always touch your heart
You`re touching me as well
Cause I have always been a part

You wish that you were special
I`m just like you
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