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The Cranberries - Dreams

Albüm Adı:Everybody Else's Doing It, So Why Can't We ?
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Oh, my life is changing everyday,

In every possible way.
And oh, my dreams, it's never quiet as it seems,
Never quiet as it seems.

I know i've felt like this before, but now i'm feeling it even more,
Because it came from you.
And then i open up and see the person falling here is me,
A different way to be.

Ah, la da ah...

I want more imposible to ignore,
Imposible to ignore.
And they'll come true, impossible not to do,
Impossible not to do.
And now i tell you openly, you have my heart so don't hurt me.
You're what i couldn't find.
A totally amazing mind, so understanding and so kind;
You're everything to me.

Oh, my life,
Is changing every day,
In every possible way.

And oh, my dreams,
It's never quiet as it seems,
'cause you're a dream to me,
Dream to me.

Ah, da, da da da, da, la...
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