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Thyresis - Voices Of Me

Albüm Adı:Thyresis
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Doubts feeding my head with despair
Voices unheard, starting to appear
Who am I now? Who is inside?
It fills me with fear

Hold your mouth, bite your tongue
It should have passed by now
Why is it taking so long?

Realize you're a threat to yourself
A living danger of death
Cry it out, don't keep it inside
It may hurt your sanity and corrupt your mind

Shut your mouth, I don't know you Get out of my head!
I cried and I cried
But the worse of it all was realizing that
I was talking to myself

Static fear drains my strength
Come back, make it disappear

Once silent voices of me started to talk
I lost the control of reality

[Solos: v.h. targino & both]

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