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Ultima Thule - Hurry Up Harry

Albüm Adı:Hurra för Nordens länder
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(A cover of Sham 69)

Come on, come on, hurry up Harry come on
Come on, come on, hurry up Harry come on
We're going down the pub
We're going down the pub

Now listen here Harry if we're going down the pub
You'd better tell your mom'n dad finish up your grub
I wish you'd listen to me-no, I don't want a cup of tea

Come on, come on...
You've been telling me-don't bother, but Harry don't you see
If I tried to it for ages I woulden't be me
Wait if I do anything so now's the times begin

Come on, come on...

You don't have to tell me that the things I do are wrong
But everything I'm doing love, is win-loose, right and wrong
But now I think I understand-aluett some fun

Come on, come on...
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