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Unmoored - Solution .45

Albüm Adı:Cimmerian
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Came so close I just had to feel it
Before it slipped through my hands
A future built under re-construction
Only to run out in sand

With eternity being nothing but a mere shadow of its
Former self, fallen into the arms of failure
I can no longer alter my once given dreams
The one's told knowing just as I

Virtue of insanity - suicide humanity

Zyklon B or an A-bomb spree
What difference does it make?
When the future ain't what it used to be
We're failing for Gods sake!

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Forever felt so close, yet so far away
There are no future strings left to pull
And as I lie here thinking under the magnificent oak of time
I can finally see the unseen before my closed eyes

The world is full of wonders
however greatest of them all is man
across thee grey whipped sea
Caused by a wintery southwind storm
She navigates the perilous journey in the breakers rage
And Mother Earth, foremost of gods

The persistent and unflagging
Endlessly searching the fields of euphoria
Turning the earth with the help from horses
What is future is epilogue
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