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Unshaken - Light

Albüm Adı:Unshaken
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Verse 1:
It goes something like this
You live your live making a fist
You swing every time, but you always miss
Do what you want, take your own advice
But you make your own bed as you handle the dice
You see, The odds are against you now
Your feet are so tired but your knees won't bow

Looking for the thing that I know you're missinI shout it out loud, but you just won't listen
Your eyes shut tight when I talk to you
Why don't you open up and enjoy the view
You can run, you can hide, you can live in a lie
But I won't give up on you till the day I die

You're blinded by the Light
You can see the Light Do you want the Light
You can have the Light

Verse 2:
The story unfolds
You don't want to break the mold
Live a normal life, but you rape the soul
Your mind is fine, but your heart is bleeding
And you can't see the blood cause your minds deceiving
Living in the dark you embrace the fear
The message is clear, but you will not hear
Scared to believe what you cannot see
You keep covering your eyes in your fantasies
Don't ever think that I'm better than you
I just opened my eyes and I know you could too
If the only way to hear me is to live this dare
I'm gonna live this louder than your ears can bear
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