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Utopia - Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

Albüm Adı:Official Bootleg, Vol. 9: Oblivion Tour
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I don't know the reason why I seem to need a release
I can't stand to beg for favors like a child on his knees
But I won't go on a minute 'til I get me some peace
On the road to Armageddon

I done things I'd be ashamed to see in black and white
There are times I miss distinctions over wrong and right
But I'm gonna get an answer when I get there tonight

On the road to Armageddon

It's the wrong world I must be on the wrong planet
I been checkin' it out
And I know what it's all about

Mr. and Mrs. Universe
In their cabin in the sky
She's a little bit of heaven
He's one hell of a guy
And like all suburban couples they may have a spat
But that is that
It's back to normal
And it's your night to feed the cat
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