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Zandelle - Broken Trust

Albüm Adı:Flames Of Rage
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I opened up to you, brought you into my world and asked for nothing in return
I shared that was mine, you were like family, I never thought I would get burned by you
The shock was harrowing, traumatic, unforeseen, was not prepared for your attack
Despair took hold of me, wallowed in misery, felt like a dagger in the back

Now, my view of life is grim, my cynical distrust, the only thing that I hold dear
You, have made me what I am, a skeptic to the core, I question everything I hear

I am stronger now and my jaded skin cannot be pierced by cruel intentions
I will not be fooled, no not anymore by cunning lies of false affections

Time, it took away the pain but memories remain reminding me to guard my trust
I, have found my inner strength, conviction taking hold now I will do what I must

I am standing tall, I will face it all, none will keep me from my glory
They will know my name, they will cry in pain if they dare to stand before me

I saw the warning signs but I ignored
The subtle hints that seem so clear with hind-sight Never again will I be fooled by you
Never again will I just play the fool
No not ever again

My mind is made up now, I'm coming after you, I will take pleasure in your doom
I am relentless now, fully unstoppable, revenge shall be my driving fuel
The visions in my brain of you in utter pain, bring forth a new-found happiness
I'll see them all come true, you dim misguided fool, and I'll rejoice in your distress

I will watch you fall and laugh through it all, I will cherish every second
All the agony that you'll get from me, power that you never reckoned

I've learned from my mistakes and I've grown strong
With head held high I will bask the power
My conscience is clean I know I'm in the right
You'll never see me back down from a fight
No not ever again

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