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Zandelle - Killing Gaze

Albüm Adı:Flames Of Rage
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She once held such beauty which was unsurpassed
Matched only by arrogance which was just as vast
Boasted of her beauty as though it was her right
Angering Athena, turned into a victim of her spite

Medusa then was changed into a monster
Protruding fangs, her hair a nest of vipers

So many tried to end her terror
Non could imagine the horror they'd see
Hideous features that chilled to the bone
Turned men into stone for all eternity

Demon eyes of hatred which held a killing glare
No one could withstand to gaze at this nightmare
Of those who fad faced her not one stood a chance
Evil gaze defeating armor sword and lance

For centuries men would become her victims
Her demon eyes brought death to all who faced her

Her island home was filled with statues Of men who dared to face her hate
Frozen in time with looks of horror
Their stone eyes gazing with dismay

Who would stop this beast?
Who could end her reign?
All before had failed
To end her ghastly ways

But one day a hero would travel to her lair
Hoping he would not become a statue of despair
Perseus was his name and he had a plan
He prayed that it would not fail, time was now at hand

He neared the beast using his shield's reflection
His sword fell true, he rid us of her terror

So it ends, the reign of the gorgon
Now just stories told to amaze
men now just stone, true confirmation
Of her existence and her killing gaze
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