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Zerakiel - Screaming Butterfly

Albüm Adı:The Decay Within
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Hit to the ground like a dying bird
Blasphemed due the fragility
Blood on the hands as a memory from the past
From innocence, from euphoria
Shame and broken skulls
As a gift from yesterday
What the hell happened?
My paradise is burning

Nobody can take away
My great darkness
I fall into the abyss of slumber
The Suffering world around me
My heart can not hear
My soul like a screaming butterfly
I will rise from the fire
I was reincarnated
I am my own god
I'm not wearing the Crown of Thorns
Rose peaks stings
Inflamed wounds leaks
Why do you cry?
Your paradise is burning

"Something is coming... I wait
I embrace the midnight light
You're waiting for the instructions
But the prophets are gone
And you are lost"
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